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Podcast - Space To Grow

Their Beginnings. Their Present. Their Future

Welcome to Space to Grow, the podcast where we delve into the ways our surroundings shape us as individuals. Natasha Rocca Devine, your host, an interior designer and author is dedicated to helping people create functional and beautiful spaces that enhance their personal growth and wellbeing.

In every episode, Natasha will talk to special guests who share their unique perspectives on how the spaces they’ve lived in have impacted their lives. Natasha will explore the influence of childhood homes, workplaces, apartments, gardens, and beyond on our personal journeys.

Created by an Award-Winning Team, Natasha as host ,  Anna Lavery PR, Produced by Claire Darmody from Prestige Media & Newstalk, Lochlainn Harte from Newstalk as Editor, Shane Dempsey owner of Collaborative Studios, Declan Cassidy from Cosmpolito as Social Media Editor and Natasha’s team.

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