What is Interiors Staging?

Staging is specialised interior design styling a home, apartment or commercial space pre-sale or pre-rental to both increase the sale and rental price, while assisting the pace of sale or rental. Showhome Design requires a full-interior design service of one house, one apartment or a specified office space in order to reflect an ‘showhouse’ for potential buyers or clients to lease. Styling clears existing spaces and creates an aesthetically pleasing environment ideal for offices, residential homes and seasonal projects.

‘The Interiors NRD’ offers all of these services and guarantees an increase of sales post-staging, along with a faster sale or rental, along with a series of interior design and styling options. In addition, the studio offers interior design bespoke services for clients, both residential and commercial.

85% of staged properties increase the sale between 6-25%. while 68% of staged homes sell for at least 9% more than their neighbours un-staged homes.

(2018 studies)

‘The Interiors NRD Studio’ is a registered Member of “The Home Staging Association of UK & Ireland”.

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